Research on Biomedical Engineering
Research on Biomedical Engineering


Volume 33, Issue 4, 2017

33(4), 2017

Original Article
Effects of backpack loads and positions on the variability of gait spatiotemporal parameters in young adults Georgia Cristina Lehnen; Rina Marcia Magnani; Gustavo Souto de Sá e Souza; Fábio Barbosa Rodrigues; Adriano de Oliveira Andrade; Marcus Fraga Vieira
Correction equations to estimate body fat with plicometer WCS dual hand Hiago Augusto Zonatto; Marcelo Romanovitch Ribas; Eduardo Bolicenha Simm; André Gonçalves de Oliveira; Julio Cesar Bassan
Adaptation of a smart walker for stroke individuals: a study on sEMG and accelerometer signals Flávia Aparecida Loterio; Carlos Torturella Valadão; Vivianne Flávia Cardoso; Alexandre Pomer-Escher; Teodiano Freire Bastos; Anselmo Frizera-Neto
Brazilian clinical engineering regulations: health equipment management and conditions for professional exercise João Gabriel Martin Del Solar; Fabiano Araujo Soares; Cristiano Jacques Miosso Rodrigues Mendes301312
Low cost system to measure active power in electrosurgical units José Flavio Dums; Bertoldo Schneider Junior; Alceu André Badin
Proposal of surface electromyography signal acquisition protocols for masseter and temporalis muscles Ana Sabaneeff, Luciana Duarte Caldas, Marco Antonio Cavalcanti Garcia, Matilde da Cunha Gonçalves Nojima
The Neuroid revisited: A heuristic approach to model neural spike trains Erick Javier Argüello Prada; Ignacio Antonio Buscema Arteaga; Antonio José D’Alessandro Martínez
Algorithm for predicting macular dysfunction based on moment invariants classification of the foveal avascular zone in functional retinal images Angélica Moises Arthur, Rangel Arthur, Alexandre Gonçalves Silva, Marina Silva Fouto, Yuzo Iano, Jacqueline Mendonça Lopes de Faria
A model for multidimensional efficiency analysis of public hospital management Adeilson Barbosa Soares, Adriano Alves Pereira, Selma Terezinha Milagre
Development of a skateboarding trick classifier using accelerometry and machine learning Nicholas Kluge Corrêa, Júlio César Marques de Lima, Thais Russomano, Marlise Araujo dos Santos

Technical Communication
An automatic gain control circuit to improve ECG acquisition Marco Rovetta; João Fernando Refosco Baggio; Raimes Moraes

Res. Biomed. Eng.

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