Research on Biomedical Engineering
Research on Biomedical Engineering

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Volume 34, Issue 3, 2018

34(3), 2018

Original article
Real-time premature ventricular contractions detection based on Redundant Discrete Wavelet Transform - Published Ahead of Print Ernano Arrais Junior, Ricardo Alexsandro de Medeiros Valentim, Gláucio Bezerra Brandão
Control of a robotic knee exoskeleton for assistance and rehabilitation based on motion intention from sEMG - Published Ahead of Print Ana Cecilia Villa-Parra, Denis Delisle-Rodriguez, Thomaz Botelho, John Jairo Villarejo Mayor, Alberto López Delis, Ricardo Carelli, Anselmo Frizera Neto, Teodiano Freire Bastos
KSG estimation of reconstruction delay to detect vocal disorders in nonlinear dynamical analysis - Published Ahead of Print Mikaelle Oliveira Santos, Juliana Martins de Assis, Vinícius Jefferson Dias Vieira, Francisco Marcos de Assis
Prediction of 3D ground reaction forces during gait based on accelerometer data - Published Ahead of Print Gustavo Leporace, Luiz Alberto Batista, Jurandir Nadal

Review article
Methods for quantification of cerebral glycolytic metabolism using 2-deoxy-2-[18F]fluoroglucose in small animals - Published Ahead of Print Silvana Prando, Carla Rachel Ono, Cecil Chow Robilotta, Marcelo Tatit Sapienza

Technical Communication
Production of fibrous polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering using an automated solution blow spinning system - Published ahead of Print Alessandra Forgatti Hell, Márcia Mayumi Omi Simbara, Paulo Rodrigues, Danilo Akio Kakazu, Sônia Maria Malmonge

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