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Research on Biomedical Engineering
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Bond Graph modeling of the human esophagus and analysis considering the interference in the fullness of an individual by reducing mechanical esophageal flow

Rosa, Suélia de Siqueira R. F.; Altoé, Mirella Lorrainy

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Introduction: This paper shows a proposal for the mathematical modeling of the human esophagus using Bond Graph formalism and the interference in the satiation of an individual by way of an Esophageal Flow Controller (EFC). Therefore, it was evaluated that there is a significant change in fall time that affects the process of human satiety when the diameter of the esophagus is reduced. Methods: As a first study, the analysis did not consider all hypothetical influences; only the most important variables were considered. Results: As a result, the order of the final equation was x ∈ ℜ10. Furthermore, the designed model can be classified as linear, established and time invariant. Conclusion: The simulation results allow us to conclude that using the EFC in order to reduce the esophageal diameter in the upper esophageal sphincter area of 3 cm by 1 cm implies that the system response will be slower; and consequently this reduction will interfere with satiety.


Math modeling, Bond graph, Esophagus, Control
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